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The Visual Sound Event “Vivid“ opens a new dimension of perception by means of a unique combination of sounds and images. A special environment is created by this event to experience the source of nature with all senses. An audio-visual installation of seven tracks will send the audience of a journey into “Colourful Soundscapes”. 

Vivid is a release of VOICE OF NATURE, the ambient Soundproject by Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche. His electronic and psychoactive sounds reactivate levels of perception that are often forgotten in everyday life.

Visual Sound Event VIVID 

Friday, march 2nd, 2018
8.00 PM   7 tracks – playing time 72 minutes

Location: Akasha Academy München, Stöberlstraße 68
Recommended Donation: 15+ EUR

The Event is hosted by Long Yang e.V. All profits will be used for building the Akasha Academy in Nepal.

Please register here: